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11 Sound Reasons to Market Your Property at Auction



Sellers who market their property at auction pay no real estate commission when using the Buyer's Premium.


The Seller dominates the market place during a four week intensive marketing period which exposes the property to a large number of pre-qualified prospects.


Property can be sold within six weeks, eliminating high seller carrying costs.


An auction causes a Buyer to make a firm decision about buying the property that day.


The Seller controls the date, time, terms and place of the sale.


The Buyer has an opportunity to make his or her best offer in a competitive bidding arena.


Great tax savings can be obtained by Sellers who sell their property at auction through a trustee using a middle man tax deferred exchange in order to buy more property (and at the same time using all their rights under Section 1031 in order to pay NO TAXES).


Great tax savings can are obtained by Sellers who sell their real estate through auction using the installment sale method.


Auction marketing and bidding is full of enthusiasm and emotion which commands top dollar for property sold under the hammer.


Sellers get funds quickly, usually within 30 to 45 days.


Auction sales of land tracts have consistently brought more money with competitive bidding than have private treaty sales in the last 20 years.





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