Kentucky ~ Home Sweet Home

Kentucky ~ Home Sweet Home

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Lloyd "Shot" Dooley's Huge Estate Auction Beginning Soon!  This includes the house,  outbuildings  and all the personal property.  A lifetime's collection of antiques, furniture, collectibles, toys and all sorts of unique items will be sold. 

Coming Soon Real Estate Auction!

Formerly known as Cherokee's (Kinder & Shaw)

Online sales are booming!    Call us for a free estimate on estate sales, farm sales or any type of real estate.

Looking to sell or buy a home? Looking to downsize? Looking to liquidate a business or your personal property? Whatever you're looking for, large or small, we can do it all. Just give us a call!

502-797-9848  John Wigginton

502-523-3603  Jay Romine

Wigginton Romine covering Kentucky!

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Wigginton Romine Auctioneers

John Wigginton   (502) 797-9848   

Jay Romine   (502) 523-3603